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  • Paddy Power Tory Leadership Odds June 30, 2016
    Paddy Power have profiled the five Tory leadership contenders – they’re offering Theresa May at 4/7, Michael Gove at 5/2, Andrea Leadsom at 9/2 and then long shots Stephen Crabb at 20/1 and Liam Fox at 40/1. May is the bookies’ favourite because she is a certainty to get on the ballot and has polled well with the […]
  • Tory Social Media Campaign Begins June 30, 2016
    The first real social media campaign for a Tory election has had a lacklustre start, with just three accounts spawned across Twitter and Facebook so far. Theresa May leads the pack with a Nation-builder website Theresa2016.co.uk capturing email addresses for the all important final membership round. Facebook and Twitter pages complete the digital assets. May already boasts 649 […]
  • Jewish Labour MP Abused at Corbyn Anti-Semitism Event June 30, 2016
    This is the moment Jewish Labour MP Ruth Smeeth was accused of colluding with the right-wing press by Momentum activist and former Guardian writer Marc Wadsworth at this morning’s Corbyn anti-Semitism event. The Telegraph reports Wadsworth handed out deselection leaflets warning “traitors” will be found out and took Smeeth’s name down on a piece of paper. Wadsworth […]
  • 5 Tory Leadership Candidates Confirmed June 30, 2016
    Stephen Crabb, Liam Fox, Michael Gove, Andrea Leadsom, and Theresa May. Game on… The post 5 Tory Leadership Candidates Confirmed appeared first on Guido Fawkes.
  • Boris Pulls Out June 30, 2016
    “My friends, you who have waited faithfully for the punchline of this speech. Having consulted colleagues and in view of the circumstances in parliament I have concluded that person cannot be me. My role will be to give every possible support to the next Conservative administration.” BORXIT! The post Boris Pulls Out appeared first on […]
  • Corbyn Compares Israel to ISIS June 30, 2016
    Jeremy Corbyn has just compared Israel to ISIS, telling the launch of the Shami Chakrabarti anti-Semitism report: Corbyn: "Our Jewish friends are no more responsible for the actions of Israel than our Muslim friends are for the self-styled Islamic State" — Kevin Schofield (@PolhomeEditor) June 30, 2016 Politics Home reports: “Sources close to Mr Corbyn later insisted […]
  • READ: Gove’s Nomination Papers June 30, 2016
    Here are Gove’s nomination papers – proposed by Nicky Morgan and seconded by Dominic Raab. Gove is go… The post READ: Gove’s Nomination Papers appeared first on Guido Fawkes.
  • Tory Leadership Declarations Latest June 30, 2016
    A lot of names out for Theresa May as she launched her bid this morning, taking her above Boris in our MPs’ declarations spreadsheet. Expect a lot of those Boris backers to defect to Gove now. Nicky Morgan isn’t running, she’s backing Gove. Jeremy Hunt isn’t running, he’s backing May. Leadsom claimed the support of dozens […]
  • Theresa May Attacks “Showy Politicians” June 30, 2016
    May didn’t pull her punches during her leadership press conference, humbling herself as “not a showy politician” and explicitly bashing Boris’s negotiation skills: “Last time he negotiated with Europe, he came back with three nearly new water cannons.” Stinging… The post Theresa May Attacks “Showy Politicians” appeared first on Guido Fawkes.
  • May: “Brexit Means Brexit” June 30, 2016
    “First, Brexit means Brexit. The campaign was fought, the vote was held, turnout was high, and the public gave their verdict. There must be no attempts to remain inside the EU, no attempts to rejoin it through the backdoor, and no second referendum. The country voted to leave the European Union, and it is the duty of […]
  • Gove Standing For Leader June 30, 2016
    Gove is withdrawing his support for Boris and standing himself: The British people voted for change last Thursday. They sent us a clear instruction that they want Britain to leave the European Union and end the supremacy of EU law. They told us to restore democratic control of immigration policy and to spend their money […]
  • All Kicking Off in the Lords… June 30, 2016
    This is what happened when Lord Foulkes was unhappy at govt moving on from EU Council statement: pic.twitter.com/X5bmwnuZX8 — Esther Webber (@estwebber) June 29, 2016 The post All Kicking Off in the Lords… appeared first on Guido Fawkes.
  • Ab Fab’s Patsy and Edina Speak on Brexit June 30, 2016
    Jennifer Saunders told Channel 5 “Unless the Champagne supply drys up, I don’t think they’d care.” Guido wholeheartedly agrees… The post Ab Fab’s Patsy and Edina Speak on Brexit appeared first on Guido Fawkes.
  • Labour MP Emails “Utter Disgrace” McDonnell June 29, 2016
    Labour moderate and Momentum victim Neil Coyle emails John McDonnell: From: Neil COYLE Date: 29 June 2016 15:04:56 BST To: John MCDONNELL Subject: Protest John, I’ve just heard that a protest will be happening outside my office whilst I try and help constituents in my surgery on Friday. The police are involved and will be attending. Your […]
  • Can Michael Gove Make Sarah Happy? June 29, 2016
    Michael Gove and his columnist wife Sarah Vine are clearly a close couple, today’s email reveals they are political co-conspirators as well. Pictured here on a post-Brexit stroll, the Justice Secretary is definitely sporting more than just a victor’s grin. Is that a post-Brexit plan or is Michael just happy to see Sarah? The post Can Michael […]
  • Corbyn Gets His New Politics At Last June 29, 2016
    Jeremy Corbyn managed – just – to find someone to sit next to him. He didn’t talk to Tom Watson (who’s gamely riding out the worst post-Glasto comedown conceivable), instead turning his head towards the less dangerous Kate Osamor. He then exchanged a few words with the surely harmless Clive Lewis, and some more with Dennis Skinner. […]
  • READ: Text of Leaked Sarah Vine Email June 29, 2016
    Sky have got hold of an email sent yesterday by Michael Gove’s wife Sarah Vine to Michael and his team, accidentally copied to a member of the public: Very important that we focus now on the individual obstacles and thoroughly overcome them before moving to the next. I really think Michael needs to have a Henry […]
  • Liam Fox Running For Leader Tomorrow June 29, 2016
    A source close to Liam Fox tells Guido he will announce his leadership bid tomorrow. This comes after speculation he was in talks with Theresa May, which is denied by both sides. Of course this could be some snakes and ladders in the hope of being offered a top Cabinet post. But the plan right now is that […]
  • Corbynistas Weaponise Cameron June 29, 2016
    Pro-Corbyn supporters are jumping on Cameron’s call for Corbyn to “go“. Dave looked like he was being sincere but has he made it harder for Labour to get rid? Ed Miliband has now called for Corbyn to go – no Shadow Cabinet job for him then. Momentum have curiously cancelled their “Keep Corbyn” event tonight “due to overwhelming demand”, […]
  • #ToryLeadership Campaign Update June 29, 2016
    This is the state of play as regards public declarations, 111 nominations automatically puts you into the final 2 (one-third of the parliamentary party plus 1). We expect May and Boris to release a lot more names soon, Leadsom seems to be prevaricating. See the lists of names at order-order.com/condec MPs, constituents and campaign managers who […]

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  • New Yes 1 June 30, 2016
    The first in our new series inviting people who have only recently come over to supporting independence to describe their own personal and political journey. The Indy ref in 2014 was joyous, tense, and stressful. I lived in London and because of this I felt deeply conflicted about it. It seemed that almost all the […]
    Bella Caledonia Editor
  • PIP assessors, #DoNoHarm! June 30, 2016
    The news is dominated by Brexit. The referendum result is producing damaging divisions between different sections of working class people, even outbreaks of outright racism.However the Tribe of the Moles wants to forcibly drag the conversation out of the comfort zone of parliamentary discussions and constitutional debates, to explore one of the many grey zones of […]
    Bella Caledonia Editor
  • Weather the Crisis, or Deal with the causes? June 30, 2016
    Do we need a far far deeper transition than the paltry options we are given? If people are so desperate, do we need to make far larger changes? Do we need to begin by listening to those who we find intolerant and repugnant, to understand what is hurting so bad? The posh boys from their […]
    Bella Caledonia Editor
  • The Irish Dimension June 29, 2016
    ‘England’s difficulty is Ireland’s opportunity.’ That old republican dictum was oft-repeated in the run-up to Easter 1916, when King was busy battling Kaiser in far-flung French fields. A century later, England’s Brexit travails are less welcome across the Irish Sea, even by many republicans. Nevertheless, the decision to leave the European Union represents the most […]
    Bella Caledonia Editor
  • Yes Nae Mair June 29, 2016
    When ah heidit up tae Galashiels on Friday morn, ye widnae hae kent that it wis a world gaun tapsalteerie, an that aw ower the Borders, aw ower the kintra, fowk were waukin tae the news that, aince again, Scotland had votit for yin thing an got anither. Bi keek o day, when fermers were […]
    Bella Caledonia Editor
  • Brexit vote forces Cameron into EU benefits U-turn June 29, 2016
    Last week’s Brexit decision will mean the end of some Tory Benefit cuts, in an ironic twist for the populist right. The planned cuts would have meant the end of all Jobseekers Allowance claims for EC Citizens and a ban on Tax Credits for the first 4 years of residency; plunging thousands of working families into […]
    Alistair Davidson
  • Scotland, a European Nation June 29, 2016
    Scotland, a European nation adjourned in 1707, is hereby reconvened. The Scottish parliament, overwhelmingly and without a single vote against, has endorsed its first full diplomatic engagement with mainland Europe in over 300 years. What remains of the UK state now has two distinct foreign policies, with the resources of the Scottish Government focused on […]
    Bella Caledonia Editor
  • Rope a Dope with Jezza June 29, 2016
    Jeremy Corbyn is at the centre of a very public political coup d’etat led by the PLP, sections of the media and the Blairite rearguard. Some have the best intentions, most do not. Labour is in civil war and Corbyn is the Winter Soldier. While you can get consumed in the spectacle of the Laura […]
    Bella Caledonia Editor
  • The Real Result of the Referendum June 28, 2016
    Last Friday I woke up before the alarm went off and picked up the phone to check the time. Even before having it for certain that it was far too early to get out of bed a news-alert caught my attention. Going back to sleep was unthinkable after that. Seventeen million people in the country […]
    Bella Caledonia Editor
  • Cool Heads and Warm Hearts June 28, 2016
    Scottish MEP Alyn Smith gets a standing ovation after a passionate plea to the rest of Europe: “I want my country to be internationalist, co-operative, ecological, far, European, and the people from Scotland along with the people of Northern Ireland and the people of London and lots and lots of people in Wales and England […]
    Bella Caledonia Editor

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  • The suicide squad June 29, 2016
    The UK is currently a non-functioning democracy. The Prime Minister has handed in his notice and has no nominated successor. The leader of the Opposition has just been served with a vote of no confidence by 80% of his own MPs. Parliamentarians are openly discussing overturning the result of a democratic referendum. People are pretending […]
    Rev. Stuart Campbell
  • The bookies are never wrong June 28, 2016
    We’re currently trying to write an article summarising the state of UK politics, but our brains keep exploding two sentences in. So in the meantime we thought we’d share this just-released image from YouGov with you, for the benefit of anyone dim enough to ever put any stock by bookmakers’ odds as predictors of the […]
    Rev. Stuart Campbell
  • Song For Today June 27, 2016
    We’ve been watching the news all morning, and there’s only one sane response.
    Rev. Stuart Campbell
  • Notes from the madhouse June 26, 2016
    The people (of England) have spoken, and their elected representatives are freaking out all over the shop. Several senior Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs have openly called for the result of a democratic referendum to be overturned by Parliament against the wishes of voters. The Prime Minister has quit, the Chancellor is expected to follow […]
    Rev. Stuart Campbell
  • A blast from the past June 25, 2016
    We were startled to see an old face make a bit of a comeback to the Scottish political scene this evening, when BBC Scotland dug up the former “Better Together” campaign director Blair McDougall to urge Scots not to do anything hasty in the aftermath of the UK’s Brexit vote. And it led us, by […]
    Rev. Stuart Campbell
  • Getting ourselves together June 25, 2016
    So it’s all over for the United Kingdom. Scotland (overwhelmingly) and Northern Ireland (less so) have voted to stay in Europe while England (decisively) and Wales (narrowly) have voted to leave. Northern Ireland has its own choices to make, but Scotland must now hold a second referendum. The Scottish Government said before the referendum that […]
    Eric Joyce
  • Lions and children first June 25, 2016
    Chris Cairns
  • Everybody gets two June 24, 2016
    Chances, that is. Yesterday the UK as a whole voted to leave the European Union, while Scotland voted to stay in. Unless something is done, Scotland will be dragged out of the EU against its clearly-expressed will – the margin for Remain was two and a half times the margin for No in 2014. The […]
    Rev. Stuart Campbell
  • The unbroken record June 24, 2016
    If we’d seen this sooner, we’d have bet every penny we owned on Leave: The game just changed, readers. We’ve been up all night. We’ll have some analysis for you in a few hours. For now, spend a few moments pondering who the “narrow nationalists” and “separatists” in the UK are.
    Rev. Stuart Campbell
  • We’re calling it June 23, 2016
    We know it’s early doors, but we’re going to state with some confidence now that this is the Tweet Of The Night: Yes, that really is Tim Stanley, leader writer of the Telegraph, complaining about being up against the British establishment in a referendum. (In which Leave was supported by, among others, the Sun, the […]
    Rev. Stuart Campbell

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